is important to us.

Theresia & Johann Eschbacher both grew up on farms surrounded by fields with potatoes, hay and wheat. Back then, these fields were still taken care of with horses and plows or even by hand. To work with one’s hands was and still is, highly valued. There is a special kind of connection when the hand touches the earth. 

Even today, we try to work in concert with nature as one of our core values. “Smell the hay, it’s so good - an absolute delicacy,” says senior boss Hans and raves about the quality of the hay and the new ventilation system in the barn. 

Our philosophy is: the more we take care of the resources, the better off we are as human beings. When biodiversity is the focus, many other aspects benefit as well: the beauty of flower abundance in the meadows, the multi-faceted birdsongs due to active preservation of bird diversity, and of course the more nutritious the fields for our cows are, the better the quality of the meat for our guests. A cycle which consists of giving and taking and through that becomes even richer. For us, nature is the real treasure in life. 

To live, side by side, with you, dear nature. To create room for both of us. When we think of ourselves, to think of you. That’s sustainability for us. Growth in concert, Life in concert.

A place full of warmth.

Since 2008 we’ve been heating the entire facility with a wood chip system. Wood waste or leftovers from the surrounding area is used to heat up the water. This means lower CO2 emissions and is therefore environmentally friendlier than other, more common heating systems. 

In addition, a photovoltaic system was built in the course of the new construction of the barn. The aim is to act in an energy-saving manner and to use renewable energy as much as and wherever possible. With every innovation the main focus is always on durability, longevity and sustainability. 

We obtain the water from our own spring. The quality of this mountain spring water is exceptional and therefore used with great care. We exclusively installed water-saving shower heads and taps in the hotel rooms. 

At Winterbauer we pursue various environmental projects - ranging from small to larger endeavors. Sometimes that means setting up bird houses with different feed in specific areas of our estate to attract a variety of birds. At other times it means devoting ourselves to the topic of “afforestation”: in 2022 we planted 300 new seedlings in our forest. 

Furthermore, as “AMA Genusswirt”, we are committed to sourcing the majority of our food from local suppliers. The harvest from our own farm and herb garden is always our greatest effort. You can often see our cooks “quickly fetching chives” in the garden in summer, surrounded by the gentle hum of bees on the warmer days of the year. 


E-mobility is another topic for us which we support. We have had an e-bike
charging station for a few years now and starting summer 2023 we will also have an
e-charging station for cars.