A good dish starts at the root. The place where the ingredients grow, the way these products are treated and by whom they are planted and harvested. Origin means everything and as a member of the AMA Gastrosiegel we are vouching to using high-quality products from our region. With long-standing partners, local vegetable farmers and producers we share the passion for “honest food” in order to create the highest quality meals on our guests’ plates.

Holzambiente Winterbauer

Chanterelles and hand-picked mountain blueberries; food that tastes and smells like the meadows of our beautiful local farms. The menu changes spontaneously, easily,becomes one with the seasons. Schnitzel and Kaiserschmarren, all-time Austrian classics, prepared in pursuit of simple perfection. Food that let’s us, time and again,
return to the Wia’z Haus (at home) feeling.

Celebration & Festivities
at Winterbauer.

How wonderful, when it’s time to celebrate! Even more wonderful if you want to celebrate with us - we look forward to accompanying you on your special days. For christenings, birthdays, company parties, Christmas celebrations or weddings - for up to 80 people we are happy to organize these unforgettable days together with you.

Did you know...

… that we have a rustic wood-fired oven in the kitchen to achieve the incomparable taste of a wood-fired Kaiserschmarren?
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