Farm life

Tradition is something we live by. And a tradition that is deeply rooted in our history is being a “farmer”, hence the name “Winterbauer”, translated to “winter farmer”. 

Our great grandfather Rupert Eschbacher famously started with one cow and a calf. Ever since then, the farm, the animals and nature itself are an integral part of our core values in our family. 

The excitement is palpable when Johann Eschbacher senior announces that a new calf is about to be born and checks in hourly to see how the mother cow is doing. The guests are a part of this experience and they are welcome to share these moments with us. 

Stallarbeit Winterbauer
Mähen Winterbauer

Being a farmer is a tradition that tends not only to our Earth, nature or our beloved animals. It’s a form of reconnecting to the simplicity of life. To listening to what our surroundings need and eventually - if we listen just carefully enough, to hearing what we truly need.   

The farm experience is manifold:

Snuggle with the bunnies, visit our goats and see the newly built playpen where our cows reside in the winter (rumor has it that our new barn is nicer than the hotel ;)). And if you are up to the challenge - we welcome you to say hi to our ponies. We admit they can have quite some character! 


Our cows head to higher altitudes during the summer time for their summer vacation (yeah, that’s a thing). Feel free to ask the Winterbauer crew where you can find
them in the summer - it’s agreat hiking tip!

Summer vacation with us

Kühe vor Bach und Almhütte Winterbauer