A Home Beyond the Clouds

360° Vista

Our small mountain island is located between the valleys of Flachau and Altenmarkt. It boasts an unobstructed view to the Tennengebirge, Dachstein, Strimskogel, Faulkogel, Grießenkareck and our home mountain - the Lackenkogel. You are not only visiting “the mountains”, you are a part of it. Slightly elevated at 1080 meters above sea level, our humble hotel enjoys the longest sun hours in our area, as the fog tends to settle in the valley, making our island “float” above, kissed by the golden rays of sun. 

Right there, yet with enough gentle distance to be able to take in the beauty of the mountains. 

A place that feels like a well-kept secret, not easy to find. 

Yet it’s worth the journey.

A Home Beyond the Clouds

A long-winded mountain road takes you up to the place we call home. Home, for the seekers, the wanderers, the people who yearn for a place to arrive at. A place to pause.

The song of winter

How wonderful it is when Mother Hulda blesses us with plenty of snow. Dreamy hiking trails, perfect skiing conditions. And since we are located on a little hill amidst the Alps, our beautiful mountain roads can also be a bit adventurous for some.

Our men of the house are experienced “snow-clearing professionals” and with the tireless colleagues from the municipalities of Flachau and Altenmarkt, care is always taken to keep the road in top condition.

However, our motto is: "Preparation is everything" -  hence we recommend good winter tires and snow chains in case the snowfall gets heavier than expected.

Where is the nearest skilift?

Our unique location promises tranquility and distance from the usual hustle and bustle of the ski towns and at the same time offers the ideal starting point for discovering the various ski areas in Ski Amadé and surroundings.

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View of the Ski Area Flachau

Nearest Skilift

If you prefer to drive yourself, there is a great choice of ski areas that are easy to reach: